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Korean Sheet Mask Review + Make The Most Out Of It

September 25, 2018

Hello beautiful people

Today I will be sharing my love for Korean sheet masks.

I got introduced to them a year ago and ever since there was turning back.

The ones that I have tried are from The Faceshop, but there are many other Korean companies making these sheet masks.

The glass skin became a rage a couple of years ago and the skin care for it comprises of 10 different steps to be followed every morning and evening. I have used a couple of Korean skincare products and I have found them quiet promising.

Price : 100 INR for each sheet mask

These are basically sheets of fibrous paper, similar to the cleansing wipes drowned in serum.

Initially I thought so much of product would break out my sensitive skin but that never happened.

I use them once a week or once in two weeks, depending on the state of my skin.


  • Gives amazing hydration
  • You wake up to soft, supple skin
  • Doesn’t break out even on sensitive skin
  • Relaxes and detoxes tired skin 


  • I just found sleeping with the serum on a bit messy
  • Couldn’t find the difference in performance by different variants and ingredients 

How to use ?

These sheet masks are the last step to your skincare regime.

Cleanse your face and apply all your products before using them

Place the mask on the face and leave it on for 10-12 mins

Take the sheet off and hit the bed 😄

To know more about these sheet masks, watch my YouTube video, also I am giving away few insider tips at the end of the video

Until next time ❤️