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All That You Have Seen

March 5, 2018

Tell me stories of all that you have seen
from pricks and itches of the thorns
Scratches and falls to broken bones
or running wild, tumbling on the stones

Stories of lullabies and sleepless nights
stories of crushes and love at first sight
From school to high school, from cycles to cars
the journey of little boys turning men so fast

Tell me stories of all that you have seen
Birthdays and parties, Christmas in snow
Making friends out of brothers
and companies that ever grow

Stories of happiness, joys and tears
stories of failing and all their fears
From violin and piano to guitar and grunge
from jazz to rock and screaming lungs

Tell me how does it feel
the feeling of growing old
Anchored in memories
can it be told ?

Tell me stories of all that you have seen
Beautiful brides who look like queens
Pregnant bellies and nursery rhymes
hanging by the window little chymes

Stories of dolls, fairies and elves
stories of treasures hidden in the shelves
From chocolates to stollen, from candles to lamps
little birds that sing and snails setting up camps

From summer to autumn and winter to rain
you have seen it all, from joy to pain
From naked trees to ripe berries that fall
you have seen so much, you have seen it all

In all your years, will you add just two weeks of me
Hidden in your garden I was once set free
In all your memories add my first snow
with a little bit of heart break but the best that I have ever known