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Victoria’s Secret Beauty Haul 2018

February 22, 2018

Victoria’s Secret is much loved for their perfumes and fragrant body mists apart from their so famous lingerie 

Today I will be talking about the fragrant body mists, fragrant body lotion and perfume that I picked up from Victoria’s Secret

Fragrant Bosy Mists:

  1. Pure Seduction
  2. Amber Romance
  3. Gold Angel

Fragrant Body Lotion: Love Spell

Perfume: Bombshell Nights

Body Mists

Price: 18 $

Quantity: 250 ml

Pure Seduction Body Mist: A sweet fruity fragrance that fits perfectly for summer days

Amber Romance Body Mist: Sweet fragrance with smokey woody undertones

Gold Angel Body Mist: Not as sweet as the other two. Feminine delicate smell. Perfect for a date night


HUGE range to choose from

Beautiful packaging with well secured cap

Good quantity of product

Staying power is as good as the other body mists


I couldn’t find any

Love Spell Fragrant Body Lotion:

Price: 18 $

Quantity: 236 ml

A sweet citrus smell. Very fresh and perfect for summer


Beautiful packaging

Perfect consistency that spreads easily

Gives a strong hold to your perfume


I couldn’t find any

Bombshell Nights Perfume:

Price: 38 $

Quantity : 30 ml

A perfect night fragrance with floral undertones with woody fragrance.

Makes you stand out in a crowd


Flat little bottle to fit into your purse

Well secured cap


Since it is a perfume I wish the staying power was better 🙁

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Lots of Love