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How to apply perfect red lipstick every time + Red lipstick hacks

February 13, 2018

Hello beautiful people. Hope you all are doing well !

Today I will be talking about my favourite red lipsticks hack and also how to ace red lips every single time.

Step 1 : Prep your lips 

It is always a good idea to exfoliate your lips before applying any lipstick. I use the lip scrub from Etude House but if you don’t have one, you can use some brown sugar with vaseline or olive oil as an exfoliant. Coffee granules work well too

Step 2 : Moisturise 

We all know exfoliation is always followed by hydration or moisturisation but when it comes to lips. I make sure that I hydrate my lips for a good time. I usually let the lip balm work its wonders for the amount of time I do the rest of my face. Once my lips are well hydrated, I use a tissue just to wipe off the excess. It is best to use a non tinted lip balm or just plain vaseline during this time.

Step 3 : Line the lips

Honestly, I don’t use a lip liner if I am using any colour other than red and also if I am using a liquid lipstick. I use the essence lip liner in the shade feme fatal which is a bright red shade and works well with most of my red lipsticks. The aim is to line the lips to perfection and a lip liner also avoids the feathering or bleeding of the colour. 

Step 4: Lipstick Time

Finally its time to apply the lipstick 🙂

Step 5 : Correction

Despite following these steps, if you still manage to make some errors (sometimes I do too) Fear not, we have concealer to our rescue. Carefully use 

a tiny amount of concealer on a brush to get the most perfect, razor sharp edges !

Step 6 : Check your smile

This one is actually a hack. No other shade stands out so much on your pearly whites as compared to red. What I like to do is, put a finger in my mouth and get that excess lipstick on my finger which would otherwise be resting on my smile.

P.S : Since I love my red lips to be matte, if I use a creamy lipstick I dab a tissue over my lips at least once !

So guys, these are the simple steps that I always follow whenever I apply red lipstick. Hope this post was useful. Until next time !! Take Care !!

Products used :

Etude House Lip scrub

Burts Bee Wild Cherry Lipbalm

Essence lip liner – Femme Fatal

MAC Ruby Woo

Maybelline Fit me concealer

LA Girl pro concealer