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Life Update 2018 | Short Hair

February 8, 2018

Hello my wonderful people !

        I can’t express in words how much I missed blogging and YouTubing over the past months. I know a lot of you have been curious and few even concerned for my abstinence from social media and it is during this phase that I realised how much love I have received from all you amazing people. 

        Well to be honest I had my own share of changes and transformations and few lessons about life. Days weren’t as easy as words could describe but what matters the most is that I am back. back with much strength, much perseverance and obviously with much much love.

        One of the best things about blogging or YouTubing is the fact that I can reach out to so many people sitting in different countries and going through different lives. Honestly, it is this strength that kept me going and held me together. Ironically AnRosette turns three today and I think there can’t be any better day to do a come back.

        I want to thank each and everyone of you for being so patient and for being so supportive. Here’s my short video about my life update. 

P.S – How can I even resume without addressing you guys !!

       Happy to be back again !

Lots of Love !!