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Dear Mumbai

March 30, 2017


Your days are chaos and hustle
At night, blinding lights cover your skin
Dear Mumbai, you are just like me
Empty from within

Your crowd sometimes suffocates me
The smoke of hypocrisy fills my lungs
Few loved me just for pleasure
Few killed me just for fun

You taught me a smile that works best
Luckily no one looks into the eye
Dear Mumbai, you are just like me
Your life is just a lie

Each morning is a new race with you
Crowded trains with vacant lives
Shared jokes with laughter and humour
As if, last night no one cried

At bedtime you tell stories
And sing lullabies that rip my soul
Dear Mumbai, you are just like me
Young by age yet withered and old

You are ferocious and wild
Yet warm, caring and tender
I will always remember you darling
For all you gave me when I was younger

While people romanced in your monsoon
I stood there watching you cry
Our tears together drowned the ocean
But young lovers blamed the sky

I walked under your pouring melancholy
With an umbrella in my bag
For in you I lost my innocence
And you turned my life into a drag

Tossing around my bed each night
Until the sky had a hue of blue
We both were trying to forget something
All night I was awake with you

So come to me someday, Mumbai
Come to me when it’s dark
And I swear I won’t judge you
By your aches or your scars

Come to me someday, Mumbai
Come when no ones around
And I promise to hug you tight
And calm your roaring sound

We were made for each other, my love
But I think it’s time for goodbye
When I’m gone will you remember
What you did to a little girl once shy

We loved each other madly
But every love story came to an end
For coming years will you tell my journey
How you damaged your own friend

And I promise to leave in pride and glory
With flowers scattered all around
Dear Mumbai, you are just like me
Once lost, could never be found

My grave will be far away from you
I won’t take shelter in your ground
Dear Mumbai, you are just like me
Once lost, could never be found