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Dear Woman, Out Your Perpetrator #AskedForIt

March 14, 2017



Wearing my longest dress with a stole wrapped around me, but you eyes still rip every inch of my seams
What makes you think, that if I wear a red lipstick means I #AskedForIt ?
Or if I let my hair free, I #AskedForIt ?
Who gives you the authority to judge me by the length of my clothes ?
Who gives you the power to speak and utter words that won’t let me sleep all night ?
For once I want you to be stared at, exactly the way you stare at us
For once I want you to know, how it feels being touched without a consent
No, I won’t stop wearing that red lipstick
Neither will I stop the little ones from playing under the sun
The toddle so naive, never #AskedForIt
That little girl who could have just turned five, never #AskedForIt

Out your perpetrator. Put him under the public eye. He #AskedForIt when he touched you. Share stories when you stood up to a molester/eve-teaser/rapist. Inspire others to do the same.