My Shaving Experience | Shaving Myths Busted | Shaving VS Other Hair Removal Techniques

February 16, 2017

The only hair removal technique I ever used in my life was waxing
Today I will be sharing my experience of shaving
Well, I kind of gave up on waxing few months back and starting to shave was like a new adventure for me.
I will be comparing different hair removal techniques with Shaving and also bursting few myths that revolve around shaving
For a much detailed idea, watch the video at the end of this blogpost


Epilators :
Epilators are electronic device that remove hair
Honestly I haven’t used them so I can’t comment much on it, but epilating can be a tedious process
It is said to give a very low bearable pain

Hair Removal Creams:
Let me start of by telling you guys that I just can’t stand the awful smell of these creams
They do not suit sensitive skin and a patch test always has to be done
The entire process of application and then waiting foe minutes followed by cleaning feels so tiring
Can darken the skin

First of all, get an appointment
Waxing can be expensive
Needs a lot of time
On the positive side, it leaves the skin smooth and uproots hair, so re growth is slower

Can be done at the comfort of your home
Very quick
The most economical way of hair removal

1. Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker
False, the hair that grows back is exactly like in waxing
The nature of pattern of hair does not change even a bit

2. Shaving causes dry/ rough skin
If not shaved using the proper products (shaving foam and a proper razor), it can cause dryness
Moisturise your skin always after shaving
Shaving in fact takes away the superficial dead skin layer, so you end up with smooth flawless skin

3. Once you shave, you have to repeat it everyday
So not true, the frequency of your hair growth does not change due to shaving
However, remember that by shaving you are taking off the hair superficially, unlike waxing which uproots the hair from its follicles.
How often you shave completely depends from person to person
I Had to wax every fifteen days, and now once I am into shaving, I do it every week or every five days !

Overall I am completely in love with shaving because it is absolutely painless and is so economical

Know more about the products that I use and few more things on Shaving in the video below.

See you soon !