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Winter to me

January 30, 2017



Winter is no more about bright red and blue sweater
Getting up in the morning and refusing to bathe
Screaming with laughter as the skin was hit with water
Or shivering under towels to watch the vapour fade

It’s no more about asking him two more minutes to sleep
Or pretending not to be awake while shaking those little feet
Those fluffy jackets which made you sink deep
And under the heavy blanket we three would meet

It’s no more about fighting for that little cover
The one with fawn white and green in colour
The one we outgrew one by one in order
No, it’s no more about that little flower

Winter is no more about the sorcery you two could do
The smoke coming out from the mouths
Or the stunned pair of eyes
that didn’t know the truth

It’s no more about sleeping under a white sheet
and magically transforming into cocoons
The nights so cold you could hear your heart beat
Or the icy morning running on the beach with balloons

Winter is no more about her telling it snows in the night
Or believing her words for each dusk for years
Thinking how would be the ghastly white sight
When being touched by the icy feet was the only fear

Miles away from home
Tell me what your winter is all about
While I could give up all that I own
To be wrapped again like a cocoon, no doubt

Does your magic of wisp still trail
While I try and try but every time I fail
Is it quiet enough to hear your heartbeat
Whom do you trouble with your icy cold feet

Skies away from here
Tell me why can’t you see
The lonely white deer
Is still here with me

While I promise to be good
And eat what you feed
Will you bring my winter
Back to me