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VLCC Face Wash Review : Wild Turmeric, Snigdha

November 12, 2016


VLCC Facewash Review:

From my Naykaa Haul, I had pickup up two face washes from VLCC. Today I will be reviewing both of them

VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash:

  Price : 140 INR

Quantity: 80 ml


Removes dirt and impurities

Cleanses the face well

Does not break out

Suitable for sensitive skin

Contains all natural ingredients



Smaller size not available

Strong smell, not suitable for sensitive nose

VLCC Snigdha Face Wash:

Price:155 INR

Quantity : 100 ml


Cleanses and moisturises

Suitable for dry skin

Does not break out



Contains parabens

Smaller tube not available

Does not lather

False brightening claims

My Experience:

As I said, both of these face washes did not break me out. However I preferred using the Wild turmeric face wash at the end of the day, so that it could cleanse all the dirt and impurities that builds up all day on my face

I used Singdha face wash in the day time, since its a mild cleanser and I know there is not much to be cleansed in the morning, probably just a night cream or a moisturiser

Thats about these face washes. You can definitely try these, since they are not that expensive.

Take care my loves !!!

See ya