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Rumination Of Tiny Lights

October 1, 2016


“Don’t move” we whispered, while pretending to sleep beneath a single white sheet. Those were the days when you closed shut your eyes hard, so hard that it would hurt. You did so because you believed that the harder you closed them, no one could see you. “I don’t find anyone, guess they are not here” he said in an unusually loud voice. There was a moment of silence but then we chuckled and pushed each other. Slowly the blanket slipped away and it felt as if the sunlight was shining right on our faces. With our eyes still shut we giggled harder this time. In split seconds there were jets of water all over. I was the first one to scream with laughter and the remaining two followed. Trying to cover our face, we fell on each other like house of cards. He aimed so well, that none of us could escape the splash from the syringe. It was the biggest one we had ever seen and he said they were used for elephants. We sneaked in his room many times to find it, but succeeded not even once. The laughter echoed in the room that afternoon and in our memories forever. Isn’t it strange that the story teller tells stories no more, the syringe has no traces, the bed, the blanket that covered us, all have disappeared. Standing here and running my hand through the wall feels like a different life. It feels like a new body with an old soul carrying memories of the past. I see a boy sitting in a corner and twisting wires together, with batteries in his hand and a box which consist of bulbs and lights. Facing the wall stands a girl, hiding her face in a circle which they drew together, hide and seek was taken to a serious level by them. Eight, nine, ten she said all of them together in a single breath and screamed “Ready”

As she turned her face I met her eyes, between those frizzy curls, they shined with pride, with laughter which could never be replaced. She ran to look out for him, the one hiding behind the door. The boy still entangled with the wires looked up and directed her. She giggled again and rushed to find him there. Behind the door stood the boy who had everything he ever wanted, he sang his favourite songs and played as if there was no tomorrow. He stood there and smiled as he thought that the place would make him invisible. His wishes were different and so were his demands. He loved his gaming kits, clothes and chocolates. Probably, he was that kind of a kid who is usually updated with all the recent launches and has new pencils, erasers and cool boxes throughout the school days. The eldest one still engaged with the wires pulled out a plier from his Camlin Geometry box which once had rulers and dividers but now had scissors, bulbs and batteries. As I went close to him he said, “I knew this was not impossible” and suddenly there were blue and red lights dazzling on his palm. He still has that certainty on his face but the hands once soft now became rough, you can see it when he runs his fingers over the grey hair which came before much before time as did the responsibilities. The other one still sings, just that back then he sang for fun and now he does from his heart.

“Whoooo” the two of them said, as they kneeled besides the glowing little bulbs. Their eyes took all the light, both the red and the blue ones and made them dazzle more than ever. I stood there watching their expressions, which screamed this is magical on their faces, their smile ran from cheek to cheek and their heart believed their big brother is a future scientist or something !

“I can make more of them and fix it i your closet” he told with so much of determination to his little brother

“Let’s do it” they said and walked away, probably to find more supplies. I didn’t see them again, I didn’t see them since twenty years !