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15 International Luxury Beauty, Brands you need to know

June 22, 2016

We all have seen so many youtube videos and have at least one beauty / makeup guru. Well, to be honest, I loved watching these videos but trust me, it would be so frustrating when they would swear by a product and it would be so difficult to locate them locally or even on online shopping sites (the shipping charges / COD issues etc)

Lookfantastic, an International shopping website, recently introduced themselves to India. I really didn’t know about them but I stumbled upon their Instagram Handle and was blown away by the fact that they are providing International Luxury Beauty, Brands at our door step!

They have all the leading Luxury as well as Drugstore brands you have in your beauty dictionary so far. Take a look at their website LOOKFANTASTIC

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Alright, coming back to business, I am talking about my Top 15 Brands that I have always fascinated about, also talking about my favourite picks from these brands. Things are going to get interesting, grab a cup of coffee or a tub of popcorn and read along !


1) bareMinerals

IMG_2835This brand claims to be Natural and Organic. I was however always fascinated by their minimalistic packaging and the huge range of shades they offer. Their concealers, SPFs, Foundations are surely going to confuse you ! They have skincare as well as great makeup products and even makeup tools like brushes.

My Pick: Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. Shop here


2) Bellapierre

IMG_2834Another Cruelty free brand. They have huge variety of lipsticks and stains. What I find interesting about this brand is their makeup kits. They have customised every kit with the basics like foundation, concealer and stuff. I was however amazed by their shimmer stacks which can be used as eyeshadows, or with lipgloss or even on cheeks. Just look at that shimmer, isn’t it on fleek !

My Pick: Definitely the Shimmer Stack. Shop here


3) Benefit

IMG_2843 (1)Benefit has already made a mark in India. Their products are amazing and many beauty bloggers swear by them. Their packaging is so catchy and dainty. You ought to fall for them just by looking at them on the counter shelves. Their tints and mascaras are raved about. Most famous products by this brand have to be their Highlighting tints, They’re real mascara, Porefessional primer !

My Pick: Any of those mentioned above ! Shop benefit here


4) Burt’s Bee


Burt’s Bee is an 100% Organic Skincare Brand. They make lip balms, body butters, shampoos and much more. I can’t tell you guys enough, how much I longed for their lip balms, these were on my wish list since years. These lippies are cruelty free and have been many girl’s favourite for ages now. Their tinted lip balm are definitely a hit !

My Pick: Tinted Lip balm. Shop here


5) Caudalie

IMG_2838This line of luxurious skincare is made from grapes, specially sourced from Bordeaux, France. Their skincare range looks so promising. They have everything from skin elixirs, washes, sorbets, creams, toners, everything that a happy skin needs. Their Vino Perfect Glowing skin kit can be a perfect gift !

My Pick: Polyphenols C15 Overnight Detox Oil. Shop here


6) Elemis



This British Luxury Brand is one of the leading Skincare brands. They have targeted products for ageing, wrinkled skin, dehydrated skin and even oily/ combination skin. Their Pro collagen range is much talked about. They also have a brightening skincare range and their products have such peculiar names that you definitely will find a perfect solution for your skin troubles !

My Pick: Absolute Eye Serum. Shop here


7) Foreo



Foreo is a brand that provides skincare and oral care solutions. They had won “Innovation of the year” by ELLE on 2014 for their LUNA Cleansing Brush which cleanses dirt, makeup, built up. Luna Mini is a mini version of the same and can be used upto 300 times once fully charged. They have come up with Luna 2 which has enhanced T Sonic System. Foreo Iris is specially designed for the eye area.

My Pick: Luna Mini. Shop here


8) Illamasqua

If you love colors, if you love to experiment and can’t settle with monotony then you must explore this brand. Illamasqua has a huge range to offer for skin- base products to tints, lipsticks, eyeshadows and much, much more. They even have their own range of fragrances, cant comment on that though, however their cosmetic range is a must try. I always wanted to own a red lipstick from this brand, will review it for you guys once I do !

My pick: Radiance Veil Primer. Shop here


9) L’Occitane

IMG_2839I have always loved this brand for their cruelty free approach. Their Instagram handle reads: “We believe in the power of true stories, lands, people, products and in the value of passing them on as part of the Mediterranean art of living ” Most of their products are made from Shea butter and are organic. They even have a wide range of hand creams, shaving balms, soaps, Cleansing oils and much more

My Pick: Organic Shea Butter 100% (I can use this in so many ways!) Shop here


10) Manuka Doctor

IMG_2823 (1)Manuka Doctor makes skincare products from purified bee venom. Their harnessed Manuka Honey enriches their skincare range, right from serums, oils, peels, masks, moisturizers to CC creams. Their products look like magic potions in little jars. No wonder Kourtney Kardashian is their Brand Ambassador

My Pick: Drops of Crystal Beautifying Bi Phase Oil. Shop here


11) Maybelline

IMG_2841You guys might be finding me a bit lost for including Maybelline in this countdown but hey, don’t you get annoyed when Maybelline posts a pic of their recently launched mascara and we guys keep commenting- “Oh! When is it coming to India”

I know Maybelline products are like all over the market. Every store stocks them, but when I went through the website of Lookfantastic I found so many products of Maybelline which I believed I would never find in India. Their Master sculpt kit, Baby skin primer, Better skin foundation and their zillion types of Mascaras. Ahhh ! they have always been on my mind !

My Pick: Mascaras ! Take a look here


12) Organic Surge

IMG_2821Made in Scotland, these products are cruelty free and organic with at least 96% natural ingredients. They definitely ace in scrubs, washes and shower gels. However, their moisturisers and creams are loved equally. They also have toners, serums and masks for that extra healing and relaxing of skin !

My Pick: Gardeners Hand Cream. Shop here


13) Real Techniques

IMG_2818Followed by more than a million people on their Social Media Sites, who needs an introduction to this brand. Though many Indian Online Shopping destinations sell their brushes, it becomes very difficult to find single brushes and explore more of this brand. Their core makeup brushes are a hit and so is their complexion sponge. Beginners in makeup might find this pricy but these brushes are worth every penny !

My Pick: Core Collection Kit (Face)

Shop here


14) Rimmel

IMG_2840One of my most loved drugstore brand is Rimmel. I have already talked about this brand so many times on my blog and during my YouTube videos. Sadly we had just one counter of Rimmel, at Khar Beauty Shop which too shut down months back. Since then I always looked for this brand online, but the choices were too too limited. I love everything about this brand. Their Lasting finish lipsticks, their foundations, mascaras, everything !

My Pick: Kate Matte Lipsticks ( Chased these babies for a long time)

You guys should definitely try their foundation !

Shop here


15) theBalm

IMG_2815Every Beauty Guru you know has or wishes to have something from this brand. The Balm cosmetics are so famous for their quirky, fun packaging. their comic icons are so sassy. Based in San Francisco this brand is no longer a stranger to the beauty bazar all over the globe. Their bronzers, highlighters, palettes, primers, everything has a unique, fun name and so does their packaging !

My Pick: Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette (FYI, If I ever made a video featuring this palette, you guys and me included are going to laugh out at the names of the shades)

Shop here


Ohkay, so these were my top 15 picks.

There are more brands like Alterna, Ardell, Babyliss, Balmain, Bio-oil, Bourjois, Braun, Cargo, Calvin Klein, Chole, Clarisonic, Deborah, Elizabeth Arden, Emporio Armani, Essie, Glamglow, Japonesque, Kent, Marc Jacobs, Max Factor, Moschino, Natio, Pur, Pixi, Ralph Lauren, Sally Hansen, Shiseido, Tangle Teezer, Weleda and many more to chose from

If I would have used these products I would have definitely reviewed them in detail

Just wanted you guys to know that this post is not sponsored, the whole idea was to let you guys explore these brands at the comfort of your home. I have provided the links so that it can save time and you guys can look up to the products as I am talking about them, instantly.

Let me know if there are any queries. Also, I would love to hear about your favourite brand/ product

Happy Shopping and don’t forget to use the promo code “ANU10” while checking out for an additional 10% off