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Dove Face Wash Review

May 11, 2016

Dove Face  wash Review

Dove Face washes have been in the market for years now, but somehow I always felt that the Moisturising face wash would not benefit my oily/combination skin

However, I tried one of them few months back and bought a different variant again from the same brand so that I can review these face washes for you guys


These face washes come in plastic tubes in sizes of 100 ml and 50 ml


They have in total three variants:

  1. Beauty Moisture (Dark Blue)
  2. Deep Pure (Light Blue)
  3. Go Fresh (Orange)


100 ml – 200 INR

50 ml – 105 INR


Since these face washes are cream based, they have a typical cream consistence

Thy are white in colour and have a sparkly appearance, don’t worry, they are glitter or sparkle of any sort!

They lather well and a tiny bit of product is sufficient to cover the entire face


My Experience:

Deep Pure Face

This one claims to clean the pores and are suppose to have micro puffs, I really don’t know what that means

Anyways, they do clean the face well and leaves it soft and supple

It does take off oil and at the same time doesn’t leave the skin dry

This one has a pleasant baby powdery smell


Go Fresh

This one has Mandarin Extracts and promises to keep the skin fresh all day

It smells of oranges and is my current summer favourite face wash

Performance wise , it is as good as the deep pure face wash, just that somehow this one controls more oil




Easily available

Suitable for all skin types

Does not breakout, which mostly cream face washes do

Does not dry out the skin

Does not leave any slimy residue behind

Little goes a long way



Nothing that I can think of


In fact I am happy that they did not make false claims of brightening and whitening, respect dove for that