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Heaven Is Real

May 7, 2016


The wind sweeping from Himalayas had the strength to break bones. We were shivering, with our lungs hurting with each breath that we took. But somehow the giggling didn’t stop.

From  our window what we could see were just enormous mountains. Few covered with sky scraping pine trees and distantly stood giants covered in white.

“Like we see in movies” she said, as cold breath rushed through her mouth, “Like the dead is covered beneath such pearly blankets “ I added. She definitely wanted to tell me to shut up, but somehow she just ended up smiling. Guess my cracking words were customary to her senses for the past twenty two years now.

We had never inhaled such crisp, such clear air, we told each other. “Guess the sweeping wind carried some marijuana along” I said and turned to notice her smile. “That’s not what I was looking for” I whispered to my own self. She did smile for the past few years, but her eyes seemed sunken with each passing day. Like those eyes that stare at the celling all night. Like those which look out of the window, as if hoping someone will return home after years.

“I missed most of my years working day and night. Few of those cherished years were when you three were growing. I couldn’t get time to play or sit with you all most of the time, well actually no time. I remember when the boys were two and four, they would awaken from their nap just to realise I am not around. Crawling and crying, their tiny legs and short summer pants would lead them to the kitchen. Even they knew where they would find me” Suddenly her tone changed and with a heavy voice she continued, “What if they get up today and realise I am not there. They wont find me in the kitchen like they used to, four little tiny feet” she laughed and cried at the same time.

She hadn’t moved an inch, her vision fixed on the mountains. The sun was shining on the white snow, it dazzled like diamonds. Between the glittering glow, maybe she was trying to find two little boys. Running on the snow, sinking their feet, laughing with pearly eyes. Maybe they both fell down, rolling in the ghastly white, trying to pick each other up, until tears of laughter rolled down their eyes. Maybe she scolded them while picturing the moment in her mind. Maybe she did this, because she knew the price of each second.

As she closed her eyes, a tear rolled down her cheek. The next moment she opened to find herself standing on the highest point, her feet buried in the snow. This time without any aches, without any shivers. Wrapped around a maroon shawl, partly worn out, the only one she wrapped around her for twenty eight winters of her life. Her long, black hair swaying with the gushing wind, just like they used to few years back. Her vision as clear as it was seven years ago. The minus felt like 20 Degrees to her spirit. When a cluster of ice hit her back so hard, she turned around and saw him. There he was, right behind her. Wearing the best and gleaming of whites, with his smile that still had the power of tranquility. Breathing fine, his skin as clear as porcelain, this time no ones lungs hurting, no one turning blue.

“So heaven is real” she told me after opening her eyes after minutes. “I don’t know, I haven’t been there” I replied.

“Yes you have, we all have been there, lived with heaven once” she softly said while brushing her grey hair out of her face.