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April 8, 2016

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Searching for your trace

Look where I was found

Flying in the air

Forty thousand feet above the ground


Spinning like a wheel

Crashing like a car

And before I could feel

I reached so far


A thousand million lights

Flickered like stars so down

I was next to the moon

Looking for my town


Time was flying

And I was flying in space

With a wounded heart

Just to find your trace


Searching for your trace

Look how the path had grown

Where once we ran

Now stumbled on stones


The boulevard of an old house

It had cracks on its walls

I stood with the autumn leaves

Wrapped around your shawl


Coconut trees

 The ones we had grown

Splashing waves too

Had the same tone


Searching for your trace

Look where I stood

The balcony of May days

where we spent the noon


My heart was racing

As tears filled my eyes

I looked at the sea

They couldn’t answer my ‘Whys’


Three little lanes

Six little feet

That danced in the rain

So tiny and petite


That followed you in every aisle

That followed you here

To find your trace

To find you near