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6 Things to do this Valentine’s if you are Single !

February 10, 2016

Celebrating love is the main core of Valentine’s day but I think we have segregated it’s essence in our own different ways.

While I see posts on various social media sites by people who are single, it makes me wonder how does it matter if you are alone and not dating anybody currently. At the end it’s about celebrating love, does being single affect that !

Well, well.. For those of you who think it does, please read on further. I have 6 things you can do this Valentine (every Valentine) to celebrate love !


  1. It’s all about gifts : While people go crazy picking up the favourite gift for their Valentine, they might even ask you for your suggestions. Don’t get sad about it, instead go and buy yourself a gift. A pair of ZARA jeans you have been eyeing since long, a perfume to be added in your collection or if nothing is on your wish list then go and treat yourself some exotic food. Pick up a cupcake or a brownie, who cares after all it’s what you like ! You don’t have to just accept what someone gifts you, you don’t have to wish if it was in a different color. You get what you want and you know you will love it !
  2. Give love to someone : While you might crib about not having a special someone in your life, remember that there are people who barely have anything or anyone in their lives. Visit an orphanage or an old age home and spend the day listening to them. Treat them with some home baked cakes or simple cookies. After all they need to be loved more than anyone else, right?
  3. Be someone’s secret lover: Have a friend who recently broke up, or someone who lost their love. Its time to make up their day. Take them out or just gift them something without revealing your identity. Sit back and watch them smile. Could you do anything better ?
  4. Celebrate with your Pet : Who cares if you are single and you have a dog/cat who waits everyday to see you back home. Its time to make some best moments with these angels who cant express how much they love you by purchasing gifts ! Take them to a park or a pet friendly restaurant. Its time to give love back !
  5. Girls Gang Party : If you know many other friends who are single, join together and celebrate one of the best parties you ever did. Talk with your BBF and show them how much you love them. Its them who stand rock solid through all your tough days. Raise a toast to all those beautiful ladies who belong to no one else but themselves !
  6. Daddy daughter date : It’s that time of the year when you express love and gratitude to the ones who love you the most and you love them back. I cant help but think of our parents at this time. Take your parents out for a date. Treat them with their favourite cuisine or go shopping with your mom. Trust me, no one can love you the way they do. If you haven’t celebrated Valentine’s with them then you have some wrong idea about love !


These are just few things that you could do this Valentine’s if you are single

And couples, you too can do these things together to make this day unforgettable for the rest of your lives !

Happy Valentine’s day to all those who are in love, married, found your perfect match! May God bless you all and may your love grow with each passing day !

Those who are single (like me), may God bless you all with all the happiness you deserve. Love yourself first and remember you don’t need anyone to remind you how special you are !

Stay Gorgeous my people ! Keep spreading the Love !!