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If I Could See You Here

January 29, 2016

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If I could see you here

Oh from where would I start ?

The days we saw smile,

Or the nights cold at heart?


The songs that we miss,

Or the melody that is new ?

The cuddle and morning kiss

Or the strangest goodbyes few ?


A lady weeps besides me

And gets lost between her talks

Her nights are long and weary

And her dreams of lonely walks


The little boy is growing soon now,

The other greying fast

While one wishes to fly

The other barefoot walks


While one is up night studying

The other weaving dreams

Soon we learned each other

In these laughter and funny screams


If I could see you here

After all these longest years

Would you not ask about me?

Would you not call me near?


Well to tell you I am fine

But I know your heart knows more

For your eyes would always shine

As I walked through the door


Things have changed since you’re gone

Though a lot still remains the same

We work and they say we grew up

But there are no funny games


I have to cloak the candies

And disguise everything sweet

The troop of monsters still hunt them

While dancing on their feet


If you still have your stories

I think we three will fight

For who will be beside you

That story telling night


If you think we have aged

Let me tell you, its not true

The summer memories I have caged

And like mountains they all grew


If I could see you here

I will sway like the drifting air

So in there pages I have treasured

What my words wont be able to share