Winter Night Time Skincare Routine

December 11, 2015

Hey all, after my winter day time skincare routine I wanted to do a post on my night time skincare routine during winters. Now winters are a time when night time skin care can be your rescue to get a healthy and glowing skin. Here’s what I do with my skin.

To start of with, the first thing that I do is remove my makeup. You can use any makeup remover of your choice but I like to stick to my favourite makeup remover which is actually a DIY recipe. Let me know if you guys want me to do a post on that. I spray the makeup remover on the cotton pad and gently cleanse my face until all traces of makeup are gone.


Next, I will be washing my face. Now I use a scrub and alternate it one day with the Za True white Cleansing Foam, which is already reviewed here here  I use the Neutrogena Daily Scrub which helps in eliminating blackheads ad whitehead. Its mild enough and scrubs away all tthe dead skin.


After the scrubbing is done, I tone my skin with the Za True White Toner, you can read the review here


Once the toner is dried, I use the VLCC de pigmentation serum, I have described this product in my day time skincare routine during winters


Finally I apply my night cream which is the Za True White Night Cream, you can read an elaborated review on this one here


If you apply under eye creams then I would suggest you to use it post toning and then following it up with your serum / emulsion and finally moisturiser/ night cream


Lastly I apply boroline on my lips and thats it. It really gives me soft, supple lips when I get up in the morning

You can see my video on how I do all this in my YouTube Channel


Hope you guyys liked this post. Happy Winters