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Foster’s Child

October 10, 2015

Foster's Child

Running through the lanes, coming back from school

She insisted her mother, to dress her in her favourite wool

A shattering noise and houses fell to dust

Few even sank down in Earth’s crust


Her scream was muffled by the sound of guns

She rushed to the ruins, took her fastest run

She was just four, it never crossed her mind

That she would now be a foster’s child


Her parents were buried beneath the same walls,

The one where she drew since she was small

Alif, Ba and all that her brothers taught

Her kitten’s scratches and her polka dots


Her mother’s wrist was showing through

Her favourite watch, that’s all she knew

The little hands couldn’t move the bricks

Her tear filled eyes found no trick


Furious voices had no rest

People were running at their best

Damascus turned red, blood was flowing wild

Even the skies had cried for this foster’s child


“Run dear baby” she heard a voice

She didn’t know what was in front of her eyes

Bodies of people scattered all over

The kind of story Abbu hated forever


Hanan” she noted her Ammi’s secret tone

Like sound of wind, whispering on its own

She touched her hand, so cold, so still

The heavy vacuum could not be filled


She closed her eyes and laid on the rubble

Held her hand, promising she will never trouble

Choked by her own tears, each stone had cried,

Who will help this foster’s child


She opened her eyes when it was dawn

The city was empty, each soul had gone

Miles and miles people started to walk

This little one could barely talk


Wandering like a lamb forgotten his way home

She walked her way, tumbling on thousand stones

Her baby steps lead her into a forest so dense

Vision and voices never known to her sense


Feeling dizzy, she fell on the leaves

Her legs now swollen without any ease

“Hanan” she felt the whisper again

Her mother’s hand on the head full of pain


Two cubs licked her face, as she woke

The tigress watching, with fear she froze

Her heart was sinking, even the beasts had cried

Looking at this wandering foster’s child


Miles and miles Hanan walked

The journey never ending, no one to talk

She remembered Halil and Bassel

The way they blended


How Halil made faces to make her laugh

and Bassel fed her Basbousa, the way they talked

Ammi’s Kebas, Shawarma and Halabi

Sunday Abbu made her favourite Jalebi


She ran her fingers over her soiled pink wool

How Ammi would wash it when she returned from school

She was called a “Princess” and she believed she was one

Reminiscing the happy days was no more fun


We live in a world where being human is a curse

Where innocence is sacrificed and people dwell on each others blood

Arms and ammunitions, Wars and fences

Money and power rule, once not known to the senses


The souls in heaven, the angels up high

I bet they are struck too and asking “why?”

Just take a moment, may the world rest in peace

The ones who saw too much, the ones who couldn’t breathe


Hanan” shouted a voice, “Stop dreaming, it’s late”

8:45 she saw in an old watch as she entered school’s gate

“Memories” said another girl, but she walked away quiet

Tears filled in eyes, she was now a foster’s child