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In The Woods

September 25, 2015


In the woods, once so green

Beneath the light, once shade would breathe

The young leaves now old and dry

Cover the place like stars fallen from the sky


The place had an incense of it’s own

when warm wind blew over each trunk and stone

Nature has it’s own way to teach

There are no lectures neither does it preach


In the forest, once so dense

Lingered a smell known to my sense

The aroma was old and that time I knew

In the woods I was with you


As far as my eyes could see

There was no one, but just me

When I looked up and saw the sky

They say “Heaven is up there” so I wished to fly


Then came a thought like gushing storm

“When you are here, why do I go so long?”

I don’t want wings, I don’t wish to fly

As long as you are by my side


In the woods I sat by a lake

So calm and quiet, nothing fake

I threw a stone to make ripples few,

In each moment I saw you


Walking on the leaves so crisp

Hoping one day our eyes would meet

In a forest just like this

You and I in white robes so neat


Running around the pleasant sun

Surrounded by flowers all lovely ones

Apples and grapes hanging from the trees

Beyond the edge all souls are free


In the woods, when birds sang song

I felt you hum each melody strong

The winds caressed my hair and I knew

In the woods I was with you


In the woods when it was dark

I laid on the ground watching the stars

The moon had a spark of it’s own

Like your glowing face, which was last shown


Staring the glitter all over sky

Finding your trace up so high

Amongst them all, one was shining bright

In the woods I was with you that night


What a pleasure, so bitter sweet

Right next to you, but our eyes can’t meet

All my life, I will treasure these moments true

I realised in the woods with you