11 ways to de stress everyday

September 10, 2015



Whenever we talk about stress the first thing people suggest us is to take a break. But what exactly is this taking break all about? Some assume this to be a vacation or a trip and for some it’s a day off from work. Let me tell you that just taking a day off from work won’t solve the purpose. We can be stressed even at home, right? I know that life is getting busier day by day and the hustle is driving us crazy, but I have got 11 easy ways to de stress and the best part is that you can do these things easily, almost everyday! Even better, you don’t have to skip work. Excited right, lets get started !


1.Stretching is the key: Walk ,jog, run, exercise, do yoga, do anything to get those endorphins kicking. Not only will this feel good hormone make you happy, it will even keep you fit and glowing at the end. Now that’s a good deal. I mean, de-stress and be healthy at the same time. This definitely had to be number 1!




2. Go green: Don’t be surprised, but growing a plant can de-stress you. Scientifically, few indoor growing plants purify the air, they reduce the toxins circulating in the air and increase the oxygen level. End result, you feel refreshed ! Now, according to me, I feel growing a plant keeps you engaged and makes you feel good when you see the little sapling growing under your care. I remember the excitement we had when in our school project we were told to grow plants out of seeds. Grow a flowering plant and see the happiness you get when it blooms. F.Y.I plants like Aloe, Golden pothos, Peace lilies, Bamboo plant are few indoor plants that purify air and increase the oxygen level. You can also choose from a wide range of flowering plants that bloom all year round. The colour green is also believed to calm and soothe the mind. Wake up to see these colourful beauties, definitely a stress buster !


3.Adopt a pet: Just like growing a plant, having a pet can even de stress you. A small kitten or a puppy will definitely add smile to your dull face. These angels keep you busy and love you back soo much. I would however not suggest getting a pet if you are already engaged in a lot of work, because you don’t want them to be lonely and waiting for you to come back home. Just remember that they are going to be dependent on you, so be responsible and decide wisely. However the happiness of cuddling a pet is know to only those who have one !




4.Follow your heart: I grew up watching, admiring and believing in Disney. Dreams come true, follow your heart and all sorts of positivity are a boon from Disney. However I am blessed enough to be with people who keep this spirit going. No matter what your job is, enjoy it. Enjoy your work, be happy with what you have. Do what you like and do it often. Read a book, swim, play some music, sing, dance, just be yourself. Trust me, nothing can be as stressing as pretending to like something you don’t for almost 8 hours a day. Like my angel would say, “Follow your heart, it will never leave you astray” after all you live life just once. Do what you like and do it before you die !


5.Soak in: Soak your feet in some warm water or get a massage and see the stress melting away. A pedicure always works to the point, provided you are not busy fixing meetings at the same time. So next time, switch that mobile phone off. I would suggest not even reading magazines while doing so, just close your eyes and sit/ lie down and let the stress go. If you are a person who does not like pedicures or massages, a warm shower also does the trick. You can even add some lavender or orange oil to your bath tub and feel the stress getting drained out !


6.Call up lost friends: Nothing beats the therapy given by your bestie or your soul sister. Call them up and have some gossip. What’s even better is calling up friends who haven’t called in a while. No matter how many groups of whatsapp you are active in, just ring up old friends and remember the good old days! Talk about college, school or any funny moment you had. You never know, you might end up fixing a plan with few old besties. After all that’s what crazy friends are for !




7. Dress better than yesterday: This works, tried and tested ! Who does not like their reflection on store windows when they are dressed best. Feel good about yourself and dress well. Trust me, you will feel much better. Definitely a stress buster! Don’t forget to smile at your own reflection next time. Fall in love with yourself first !


8. Add lipstick, add life: I know this should not be counted separately, but girls will be girls. Sorry boys, I wish you all could know the happiness we get by wearing lipstick. Wearing lipstick makes you feel good about yourself , it makes you more confident and makes you smile more often. The days you are running late or don’t have time to dress up much, just wear a good lipstick and you are good to go. So much glamour in just a stick. Magical, isn’t it !




9.Listen to your stomach: Do it, dunk some donuts, brew some coffee, grab a cake, just listen to your cravings. I call it body’s own way of de stressing. However you definitely want this to be in moderation, unless you want to add on some kilos and start stressing on how to lose weight. Go for Dark chocolates if you are a chocoholic !


10. Snooze button on: I feel the best form of de stressing in history so far is sleeping. When everything else fails, this works. I mean, just put the alarm off, switch off you phones and go to sleep. It’s a Sunday morning feel in the middle of the week. Taking a break once a while like this feels like a blessing. The kind of pleasure we get by unplanned leaves. However this is not feasible to be done everyday so here’s the solution….


11. Early to bed, early to rise: Imagine sleeping late and getting up early to go to work, the alarm screaming and opening an eye to snooze feels like the most difficult thing on planet, sounds scary, but many of us live this. The best solution is sleeping early and getting up early. The morning sun and the chirping of birds is not common between the everyday hustle. Try getting up early and see the difference !


These 11 easy things are surely going to de stress you. Hope this post was helpful. Take care lovely people !

Happy stress bursting !!!