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Two Curious Eyes

August 9, 2015


Two curious eyes fixed on the way

The month of June, school’s first days.

Parents crowd to pick their child,

This little one just stood with a smile.


With a jumbo bag, as big as she

And two ponytails like grape wine curling so free.

Her umbrella like a kitten’s face

And said, “My dad got from a distant place”


“Meow, get in the car” ,she heard a voice

and started to run like a rolling dice.

He came each day, he was never late,

She felt like a princess, “oh ! what a fate “


Two curious eyes just couldn’t sleep,

Stories of ghosts scared her deep.

“When the monsters come, I will chase them” ,he said

and she landed in fairytale, holding him on bed.


Two curious eyes went wet with tears,

Crying over friends, whom she thought were real.

She was living her own teenage dream,

When hearts did break, but you can’t scream!


He learned her soon, found out what’s wrong,

Stood by her, to make her strong.

Said, “These things happen, there’s more to see,

no matter what, you will always be beautiful to me”


Two curious eyes could find no peace,

“I want to be like you, a doctor with grace,

to find a place right next to you,

and heal the people, the way you do”


Soon they reached a place so far

“Just five years, she told him in the car,

time will fly soon and then I will be,

next to you, setting troubles free.


Two curious eyes reached home too soon,

To scan the pages, which like mountains grew

“Will I be ok?” asked a voice so low

with a smile she said, “We won’t let you go”


Days were passing just to make him weak.

They remembered the times, when happiness was at its peak.

Lullabies and stories followed soon,

Nights would pass by gazing at the moon.


Two curious eyes could not believe,

What was lost could not be seen.

Her hands went cold and at heart she died,

When flowers were brought and people cried.


The only words that she could hear,

Was “Get up my girl, see I am near”

But on looking up, there was no one to see

And then they said, “Dear, set him free”


Two curious eyes ran from place to place

To go back in time, to find his trace.

So one fine day she went back to school,

But, there was no white car, though it was the same hour of noon.


It was getting late, but the sun was shining bright.

In her mind she said, “I will be alright”

Two curious eyes will see you soon

Two curious eyes of yours, when you gazed at the moon