10 Tips for Healthy & Happy Hair

July 12, 2015

Hello people today I will be doing a post on hair care, since a lot of you have been asking me about tips and tricks on growing hair faster and ways to deal with problems such as hair fall, brittle hair, dandruff, split ends and many more such complaints !




First of all you need to understand that a lot of factors determine your hair health, few of these include factors like what you eat, your lifestyle, the way you take care of your hair and most importantly your genes.

I have been through my own phase of hair fall and bad hair days. Today I will be sharing with you guys few tips that have really helped me to overcome these serious problems and trust me when I say that, I understand the pain you feel when you see your hair going down the drain!


1.Oil your hair: We have heard so much about oiling your hair whenever you tell a person that you have hair fall. But what you really require to know is, when, how and what type of oil you require for your hair. Castor oil ,almond oil, olive oil are excellent for hair growth but what you don’t know is that if you use these oils directly or on its own, they will hardly do any benefit. That is because these oils require a carrier, that is a lighter oil as a base and the best carrier oil is coconut oil. So whenever you add almond oil, olive oil, castor oil any such oil to coconut oil your scalp gains benefits out of it.

Next what you need to know is how long should you keep the oil. I like to do it overnight as this is the only time when you are relaxed and you can wash off the very next morning. I like the oil working all night on my hair. What does not help is definitely the 20 minutes before shampooing therapy ! You can oil once a week or once in 15 days depending on how oily your scalp is. Don’t do it too frequently or the oil will attract more dust and leave you with limp and dull hair!


2.Cover your hair: No matter how expensive your latest haircut is and how badly you want to flaunt your hair. Please cover your head specially girls who travel and the ones who are blessed with long mane, do try to cover your head when you are out in the sun or when you are traveling. You should use a scarf/hat/umbrella to protect your hair from the harmful and harsh sunlight. Girls on bike please take extra precautions. You can either braid your hair or the best way is to make a bun. So girls, show some love to hair ties !




3.Shampooing and conditioning : This depends on what type of hair you have. For me shampooing and conditioning two times a week does the job, definitely if the climate is too hot or too humid it goals up to three time a week. You should always use a clarifying shampoo once in 15 to 20 days to clear your scalp from any build up.

Never condition your scalp, as this will leave your hair too greasy and volume less . Girls with curly hair should always go for hydrating shampoo and those having limp and thin hair should opt for volumizing products.


4.Using a serum: I am very well confessing that I never used serums before! Personally I thought that it would leave my scalp and hair too greasy plus the idea felt too tiring. It is just 4 months from now that I started using hair serum and trust me it does a huge job in maintaining healthy hair. Go for serums which have aragan oil or moroccon oil, since these give a lot of shine to the hair and makes your hair look healthy. Again never apply serum to the roots of your hair. I personally love to apply generous amount of serum at the ends of my damp, towel dried hair!


5.Combing your hair: Never never never comb your hair when it’s wet. I have known so many people who comb their hair right after coming out from the shower. This is the time when your hair is already wet and soft and the scalp is the weakest. When you comb your hair at this time, you are pulling the hair when the roots are weak already, this results in weak and brittle hair and a lot of hair fall. Always use a wide tooth comb how to detangle your hair first and then use whatever you prefer.


6 Say no to heat: Our hair is basically made up of proteins and by using heat we do the most damage to the hair. Blow drying, ironing or curling your hair once in awhile is ok ,but please make sure that you use a proper heat protecting serum or spray . Never wash your hair in warm water, this damages your hair immediately. Washing your hair in cold water adds shine to your mane !


7 Sleep right: Stress and lack of sleep plays a major role in hair fall. Have a good sleep and reduce stress if you want your hair fall number to be decreased. Never sleep with your hair open, especially if you have long and thick hair. I personally feel tying your hair in a bun always helps. Another trip would be making pillow covers out of satin, this reduces frizz to a great extent. Never sleep with wet hair, after all you don’t want to wake up with hair all over your bed.


8.Watch what you eat: As I said earlier, nutrition plays one of the major role in maintaining healthy scalp and happy hair. If you are aiming at growing hair faster and thicker, include a lot of proteins in your diet. Have good amount of calcium to get strong hair. You can even have cod liver oil supplements which are easily available in the market, they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which take care of hair growth and give you a lustrous long hair. Another thing that I would recommend is having biotin supplements. Biotin plays a great role in hair growth, so people who are looking for hair growth do include biotin in your hair care regime. Vitamin E is also well known for keeping your scalp and hair happy. Vitamin E nourishes your scalp and keeps infections and dandruff at a bay.



9.Colour me happy: I know a lot of you love colouring and experimenting with your hair, I would not say that’s wrong since we have our own personal preferences and choices and sometimes just the black gets boring. I too love to colour my hair but make sure that I space out my colouring timings. Basically you should let your hair breathe and recover from the previous session of damage done by colouring. Whenever you opt for colouring make sure that at least an inch or more of hair is left from the roots, this way your hair will be less damaged. You can even go for natural colour therapies like, chamomile tea, cinnamon, honey and olive oil, lemon ,but these show result only if your hair is lighter. Since I am blessed with jet black hair and these methods take a lot of time to show up, however if you have lighter hair you can opt for these options!


  1. Deep conditioning: I feel this is one of the most neglected aspect of hair care. Deep conditioning your hair is very important if you want lustrous and happy hair. You can either use hair masks or deep conditioners which are very well available in the market., you can even make your own deep conditioning treatment at home. My go to home recipe for deep conditioning is, mixing olive oil and honey and leaving it on my hair for at least 20 minutes to half an hour to give some life to my hair.


These are my few experiences which I thought of sharing with you guys. Definitely they have helped me in the long run, specially if you are deciding to start on with cod liver oil or biotin supplements, have some patience since these things take time to show results. Hair care is one thing where you have to be very dedicated and consistent. Don’t expect changes overnight, if you have severe hair fall or any other serious condition or infection, consult a doctor as you might require medications also. Keep stress at bay and yoga is one thing which does wonders to your hair. Stay happy and have lots of water and see your hair and scalp getting healthier and happier day by day !

I hope this post helps you all and you guys also share with me your tricks and trip for a happy and healthy hair. Don’t forget to like, comment and share ! Lots of love !