DIY : Bow hair clips, ties

July 6, 2015

Hi Guys ! I am back with another DIY project. Now this one is dedicated to all my lazy bums out there ! 😀

We are making some seriously cute stuff today. The best part is that you don’t need any fancy materials for it and probably might be having them already.

We are making bow hair ties and bow clips.

I personally just love bow hair ties. These have been around since a long time. I remember the first time I spotted these , I guess in an Accessorize store and fell in love with them instantly !

Trust me when I say that these are probably the most easiest thing I have ever made.


So, here’s what you need:

Material for the bow (you can use whatever material you want, suede, cotton, printed, polyester, velvet….. ANY)

Hair ties or simple hair clips

Needle and thread/ sewing machine /fabric glue


First of all decide the size you want your bow to be. I like big bows since they look vintage !

The fabric should be in a rectangle shape, mine was 7 inch X 8 inch

Take your fabric and fold it into half. With the printed/ right side facing inwards and sew/ glue at the folded margin


Bow ties1



Turn your fabric inside out.


Bow ties 2


Press the fabric in such a way that the midline of the folded half co ordinates with the stitched line, like shown in this picture


Bow ties 3


Fold your fabric again on the other sides and sew/ glue



Bow tie 4



Press the fabric again with the stitched line co ordinating with the other half fold, like so


Bow tie 5


Now prepare the centre of the bow by cutting out a small strip of the same or different fabric (whatever you prefer) and fold it so that no rough edges are seen. (You can entirely skip this part and use a lace instead, like I did)

Now hold the previously sewed/ glued fabric and shape it into a bow.


Bow tie 7


Place the strip at the canter and turn it around one time, snip off the remaining excess.

Place the bow on the hair tie or the hair clip and wind the previously measured centre piece around it.

Secure the open end with glue or by stitching.

(However you can also finish making the entire bow and the finally sticking it on the hair clip/ hair tie. The previous method gives more durability)

If you prefer using fabric glue or super glue, let it dry completely before using it.




That’s it, go ahead and flaunt these on your donut buns, at the end of your fishtail braid or use it to add cuteness to your half up half down hairstyle !


Bow tie 8


Thank you lovely people. Take Care !