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Forget Me Not

June 20, 2015

forget me not fd

 “Let me tell you a story” he said,

When I was lying next to his bed.

He loved to write poems and stories

and had them engraved in memories


The story was “Forget me not”

written on a father and his daughter

who grew up in a little house and

had just each other to look after.


The father was a poor farmer

whose wife died giving this girl.

Since then they shared laughter and sadness

in their own small world.


The little girl always waited for him to come home

and at night she would feed him food

She would run around in their small garden,

watching her run, he stood.


On her fifth birthday, he came home early

with his hands holding a pot

A delicate sapling with bright blue flowers, and he said

“Dear, this is forget me not”


She ran outside the house, to the backyard

and planted the bright blue flowers

To watch her happy, it felt like heaven

Her smile had that power.


The flowers lit up her smile

every morning and every noon.

She cared and loved each petal,

time flew too soon.


He would find her in the garden often,

when he returned, she would say ” See what I got?”

He knew the answer every spring night but kept quiet to

listen to her say “Daddy, it’s forget me not”


She would pick up the fallen flowers and collect them

to give him every night

She would still feed him food at dinner

and they would stand in the garden under moon light.


Years had passed, now she was fifteen

glowing more than ever

It was her birthday, so he came early

like every year.


As he entered home, he couldn’t find her,

so he went back into the garden.

She saw him coming and stood with a smile

but his eyes were wet with tears.


She went close to him and looked at his eyes.

so sadden and so dark with fear

He said, ” I am sorry honey, your poor father

has nothing to give you this year”


She held his hand and with a pleasant smile

she said, “See what I got?”

He broke down crying with his head down

he said”I know,it’s forget me not”


Few days passed,one bright spring noon,

when she was collecting the flowers

she lost her breath and fell down straight,

there was no one near.


On waking up,her head was hurting

and next to her bed she saw

him standing there, with a bunch of blues

saying, “Darling, these are for you”


Days had passed,now she looked pale,

eyes sunken and her nails blue

Her skin felt cold and a doctor told,

“She will die in a day or two”


She was fading fast, as she breathed her last

She said, “Daddy, you are the best I got”

He kissed her cheeks, so helplessly,

she said,”Please forget me not”


Months had passed, the spring did not last.

It was snowing outside the window

He stood there numb, watching the bright blues gone

covered under the white layers.


He thought of his wife, who longed for a child,

who wanted to be the best mother.

He missed his daughter’s laughter,so soft,so tender

He wanted to be the best father


“They are beneath the blanket of earth” he said,

“I wish to join them soon”

“We will run in the garden, collecting flowers,

like all those spring noons”


“She would be sixteen today” he told himself

and walked up to their grave.

He planted the bright blues with shaking hands

next to where she was in rest


With a jittering voice and tears in his eyes,

He said, “See what I got’

He wished to hear her back

but there was no one to say- “Daddy it’s forget me not”


He looked at me, as the story ended

But he did not try to hide the tears

He said, I will always be there, no matter what,

when you get scared, I will be near


He was fighting his best, always saying “God will do the rest”

With a choking voice, he said-“You are the best I got”

I knew what was next, something I didn’t want to hear,

but he said, “Please forget me not dear”