DIY Envelope Cloth Clutch

June 8, 2015

I have been a lover of diys and arts and crafts since I was a child. I loved making dresses for my barbie and slowly this love turned into a passion.

I have no count of the number of clutches and pouches that I must have made by now.

Today I will be sharing with you guys my one of the methods of making this cloth envelope clutch.To start with, these are the things that you will require:

  • Fabric (Prefer thick ones) for the outer side
  • Fabric for inner lining( plain or printed)
  • Canvas or any thick material
  • Zipper
  • Suede (optional)
  • Paper canvas (if using suede or any other delicate material)
  • Sewing machine (obviously)


Start with clean and ironed fabrics.

First place your outer fabric then canvas and finally your inner lining cloth together.

The order should be in the manner you want your final product to look like.

Then stitch both the sides keeping less than half an inch distance.

Take your suede and reverse it, place the shining side of your paper canvas on the wrong side or inner side of the suede and iron it.

Fold the previously stitched cloth to create a midline marking. Keeping 4 to 5 inch gap place the suede reversed. That means the right side of cloth facing the right side of suede and stitch less than an inch away from the suede margin.

Now fold the suede back and fold the lower open end of suede back on the cloth. Try to be presice here and stitch as close to the margin as possibe. The suede should end very close to the midline fold you created.

You can entirely skip this process if you are doing a simple clutch without suede.

Fold the cloth again at the midline fold previously made and stitch both the sides. Stitch close to or above the previous stitch. Trim off the excess cloth at side.

Now cut the two lower corners of the bag forming a triangle. Like so and turn the bag inside out.

Fold the upper open ends of the bag and stitch.

Time to stitch the zipper. Take your zipper and place on the open end of the bag. The runner should the facing the inside of the bag.

Stitch one side of the zipper to one of the open ends of the bag. ( work with an open zipper for convenience)

Similarly stitch the other side of the zipper to the other side of the open end.

You will end up with both the ends of the zipper not attached or stitched to anything.

Lastly stitch both the side of the bag for the last time and invert the bag.

This might be little difficult especially at the corners, but you can use any scale or back of a pencil to get the perfect edges.

If required then iron your clutch, after all its cloth.

I used this one for my outfit post. Find more pictures here


Go and flaunt your creation, gift it to a special friend or giveaway to your lovely crowd.. oops.. did I let the cat out of the bag ?