Two Tiered Cake Recipe

May 27, 2015

What do you do when your brother’s birthday is exactly a day after your best friend’s birthday and they both are a couple.

Obviously you double the celebration and in my case I doubled the cake.

I decided to make a two tiered cake for them.. and they just loved it.

Tiered cakes are very famous for wedding and engagement ceremonies and I always wanted to try one.

There can be as many as four tiers or as minimal as two.

Today I will be sharing with you guys my experience of making this beautiful two tiered cake.


Firstly, the recipe I used for this cake is already in the blog, it’s the one for fluffy yellow cake and you can find it here I doubled the recipe and divided the batter in two equal parts. Then in one of the batter I added few drops of red gel coloring to get a pastel pink color, however you can make this without any color or add any other color of your choice.

Lets go ahead and have a look at the ingredients.


  • Cake batter
  • Two cake pans of different sizes
  • Two cake boards of the same size of your cake pans
  • Red gel food colouring (optional)
  • Whipped cream (I used one litre of cold whipping cream or heavy cream)
  • Off set spatula
  • Piping bags
  • Star tip nozzel
  • wooden dowels


My cake pans were 7 inch and 5 inch in diameter, again you can go for different sizes according to your oven size and requirement. A tip here would be inverting your empty pans and staking them one above the other, this gives you an idea how you finished cake would look.

Then I made 4 cakes in the following way:

1 pink cake (in 7 inch pan)

1pink cake (in 5 inch pan)

1yellow cake (in 7inch pan)

1yellow cake (in 5 inch pan)

I let all the cakes cool down completely and with the help of a serrated knife levelled and divided each cake into two parts (roughly of the same thickness)


Next you will have to layer the two cakes separately, so you end up with one cake of 7inch and other of 5 inch.

I placed a layer of yellow cake on cake board, filled with some whipped cream then added a layer of pink cake and topped it with whipped cream as well.

To this added the second layer of the pink cake with some whipped cream on top and finally added the second layer of yellow cake in the same manner.

I covered the entire cake with the cream evenly on top and around the cake.

This is called crumb coating your cake .

This is what it looked like.

Once you crumb coat your both the cakes, let them sit in the fridge for few minutes (10 to 15 minutes)

Then I went ahead and coated the chilled cake with another layer of cream, just to make sure that no crumbs can be seen.

Then I took the 7 inch cake and pipped few shells at the base of the cake with the help of a star tip nozzel.


After this I inserted 3 dowels at the centre of the cake to form a triangle ( this acts as a pillar and avoids sinking of the upper cake into the bottom cake)

First take one dowel and insert it roughly at the centre, once it touches the cake board at the bottom, make a marking from the upper level of the cake ( you want the exact length of the cake) Then remove the dowel and cut it at the marking you made, insert it back into the cake.Insert three such dowels

After this is done, carefully lift the 5 inch cake and place it at the center of the 7 inch cake.

A tip here would be using two bench scrapers to lift the cake.


View the cake from top to see if it’s centered or not.

This is what it looked like.

Then I pipped shells at the bottom of the 5 inch cake as well.

To the remaing whipped cream I added 2 to 3 drops of red gel coloring and folded it in, to achieve a pastel pink color.

I filled this pink cream in pipping bag fitted with a star tip nozzel.

Then I started to pipe roses from the bottom of the 5 inch cake gradually filling to the top

To make the roses I held the piping bag in my hand and with gentle and even pressure made anti clockwise circles,starting from centre and moving outwards, once a rose was done I lifted the tip away gently.

Once the sides were covered with roses, I filled the top of the cake as well.


Just take some time and find the gaps between the roses, you can fill these gaps up with the same bag by just squeezing a drop at the gaps.

This is what it will look like.



After this I added two rows of roses at the bottom of the 7 inch cake.

You can cover the entire bottom cake with roses just like the top tier, but I prefered the white to show.


Lastly I added shells at the upper border of the 7 inch cake and the final cake looked like this.


I would suggest letting this cake to sit in the fridge for sometime before presenting it. However in my case, the attack was too quick so I couldn’t chill it 🙂

Please try this cake for some special people in your life and see the smile on their faces. Trust me, its worth all the efforts !