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The Vacant Chair

April 19, 2015


vacant chair.anrosette

I see to my left,
I stare at the vacant chair
I glance at the books
and the pages which you cared
The medicine shelves, the articles you would read
I run my fingers over the covers,
with your handwriting still engraved.

Yes, I know we have grown,
Yes, I know the walls have changed
But I run back to the memories
when we were kids, so insane!
How I would walk behind him
Just a little girl with frizzy hair
Scared of the world when alone
but next to him, I didn’t care.

How I loved making his medicines,
the sugar coated pills that I craved.
and when people would ask, Is she shy?
He would say, No my daughter is brave!
They said I have  eyes like him, wide and big
and on hearing this I would grow with pride
I would boast about the same at home,
running around batting my eyes.

He made us smile, he made us laugh
His spree would make all troubles half
The place where once my tears dried
Is now the on which makes me cry
I never imagined that this could be
I never thought that I would see,
myself lost and puzzled, still finding the key
to the vacant chair next to me !

I wish I could get him back somehow
I wish time had no wings
we would talk about our favorite songs
we would talk about all things
I wish I could get him back somehow
I wish this was all a lie
so we could walk back home together again
with me batting my eyes !