15 Wrong Things You Might Be Doing To Your Skin

April 7, 2015

The other day I met a friend of mine who always keeps on complaining about her skin. She is someone who swears by good skin care products and does follow many beauty rituals, still her skin was lacking a healthy glow and she did suffer from bouts of acne on and off. So this time I took out some time for my dear friend and tried figuring out what was actually going wrong.
This post is dedicated to all you girls out there. Lets see how many skin care crimes we do unknowingly!

1. Having Less Water:
Sometimes I feel that everyone should keep their wallpapers and display pictures as “PLEASE DRINK WATER”
In my previous post I had mentioned few amazing reasons to drink plenty of water and here I am emphasising on one of the most loved reasons : HEALTHY SKIN
No matter what supplements you take, which ever high end products you use, spend fortunes on skin care and treatments and make your beautician wealthy, it’s of no use if you are not having adequate  amount of water. Like I said earlier, water flushes out the toxins from the body. It is the best blood purifier, by having good amount of water your skin will glow naturally and it also keeps acne at bay. Having good amount of water also increases the skin elasticity, thus delaying dryness and wrinkle formation.
So if you are one of those who does all things possible to have a beautiful skin but does not have good amount of water, you are doing wrong!

2. Faulty Diet:


Acne was always believed to target the “teens” but now we see acne in different age groups. Early teens to twenties and even thirties. There are many reasons to acne formation but a faulty diet triggers it to a great extent. I have encountered few teens who have severe acne and when asked to keep away from junk food for a while, they just refuse.
I mean, seriously is pizza, buggers and all of those fried and gluten based food so important than your skin?
Think again. Unhealthy food especially junk food triggers your acne, it makes your skin oily eventually making it appear very dull.
Include good amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Try having things that are higher in antioxidant value.

3. Sleeping with makeup:


I know many girls do this crime. Sleeping with your makeup on is one of the worst things you can do to your face. Just imagine the entire night, the pores are blocked with layers of makeup. I know some of you might also be murmuring “I don’t do makeup” while reading this. But your unwashed face (moisturizer, compact powder included) can ruin your skin.
Night is the best time when your skin relaxes after an entire day out in pollution. So let it breathe!

4. Not washing hands before washing your face:
Might sound weird to many of you all, but its true. You should always wash your hands first with soap and then start your face cleansing with clean hands. While many of you might even be thinking, “What difference does it make, as eventually we will be washing both ?” The answer is that our hands carry a lot of germs as our hands come in contact with so many things throughout the day and we definitely do not want all those germs on our face, right?
So every time you wash your face, make sure your hands are clean!

5. Not Exfoliating:


Many of you might be guilty of this crime. While some might not know about the benefits of exfoliation, some might be too lazy to do it. Exfoliation removes the dead skin and makes it appear more healthy, it reduces blackheads and whiteheads too. There are many types of exfoliants available now a days, so there are options for all skin types. Still if you are reluctant in trying exfoliation, you can go natural and make some at home. I will do a separate post on how to make exfoliant at home.

6. Exfoliating without Cleansing:
I can see many hands going up. Yes I should confess that even I was guilty of this crime. We all use scrubs directly on face but the actually way is to cleanse your face first and then scrub it. By cleansing we remove the superficial dirt accumulated on the skin and then scrubs go a little further in the process and remove the dead skin layer revealing a fresh and soft, glowing skin.
Exfoliating or scrubbing your face without cleansing is a mess you will always want to avoid. So be systematic and follow the rules!

7. Not Moisturising:


I have met so many people who say ” My skin is too oily, I don’t need a moisturiser” WRONG WRONG WRONG! We all need moisturiser the only thing is that we all need different type of moisturiser according to our skin type. Trust me, even I believed that I don’t require a moisturiser as I always had a sensitive, combination skin (mostly oily with few dry areas) and moisturiser would make me look all the more oily. The trick is to find your perfect moisturiser and never letting it go ! (Too much of drama here)
When ever we wash our face, our skin looses its PH balance and even the natural oils. I don’t mean to talk science here, but we require to lock in the moisture every time we wash our face. Moisturising your skin after every wash keeps your skin soft and supple, eventually giving it a fresh glow!

8. Using soaps for washing face:
Now this should be considered as a  sin and not a crime. If anyone of you is doing that, please stop!
We all know that our facial skin is more delicate than the skin over our body so why do you want to torture your face by washing it with soaps which are meant to cleanse the body. Soaps have a tendency to dry out the skin, so imagine what it must be doing to your face? Different face washes are available for different skin types, so go and pick one that suits yours.

9. Not knowing your skin type:
This is more of a problem than a crime. So many of us do not know our skin type and end up purchasing wrong products and the result: Either these products do no good at all to us or ruin our skin even further. Always know your skin type first and then decide which product to buy. This is more of a fall and learn to fly method but once you know exactly what suits your skin and which products do no harm to your skin, you will be glowing.

10. No Sun Protection:


While everyone keeps raving about the importance of sunscreens, many of us still do not include  sunscreens in our daily skin care regime. Sun exposure shows its bad signs on your skin either early or late.
Sunscreens should always be applied at least 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun and should be reapplied in case of longer duration of exposure. Deciding the amount of SPF too is very important while picking up your sunscreen.
While using salicylic acid products, lemons or lavender essential oils be sure to use good amount of sunscreen as they make your skin more photo sensitive.

11. Washing face too frequently:
Oily skinned beauties sometimes develop the habit of washing their face  too frequently. Washing face too frequently will rip off the natural oils and even disturb the oil and sweat glands in the long run leading to more oil production. The best way is to dab your face with some tissue or oil absorbing paper or even touch up with some light compact.

12. CTM routine: 
Cleansing Toning and Moisturizing is so so important. Anyone who is missing on this is actually missing out the most important part of skin care regime. Cleanser can be a cream based, gel based, or even as cleansing milk. Please include this in your night time skin care routine and see the difference. I will be doing a separate post on CTM routine soon!

13. Touching face too often:


There can be three reasons why you touch your face too often. Either you are tempted to pick on that nasty acne, or you are too happy post facial or you have developed a habit. Well I have a answer for all the three. Firstly, when you prick your acne they do nothing else but pain and leave behind a scar. You are infecting your face even more and please keep in mind that acne has its own pattern of behaving. DO NOT PICK THEM. Secondly, after a good facial, look at the mirror as many times as you want but please don’t transfer the germs and bacteria from your hand to face. And lastly, BREAK THE HABIT!

14. Check the date:
Always see the date before purchasing your products and even before using them. We love to stock products at home and forget about them. So please take a minute to check the date. After all we don’t want those expired products on our face,right?

15. Wash  those brushes:
Any makeup lover reading this. Please wash your brushes often. Brushes and sponges are the favourite places of bacteria to grow. However sponges can always be replaced. Make sure to Change your compact powder sponge too. And even if you use makeup brush once in a blue moon, make sure you start with a clean, dry brush each time.

I know its like me advising you, please breathe non polluted air in Mumbai traffic, but keeping away is a different part. Let things go, few things wont change so don’t let things change you and every time a situation comes up ask yourself “Is it worth dulling my face?”

So these were the 15 wrong things you might be doing to your skin.
Comment and let me know how many are you guilty of. Till then take care and stay beautiful !


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