Strawberry with Cream

April 2, 2015

done 1

Strawberry with Cream is one thing that vanishes immediately after being made. The journey from the kitchen to the dinning table feels like a “Book balancing race” because there are hands hitting on the tray and voices distracting me.

DSC_6470.jpg done3.

Making it is extremely simple and all you need for this is :

  • Fresh Strawberries( roughly chopped)
  • Ice Cream (preferably vanilla, slightly softened)
  • Whipped cream
  • Sugar(optional)


First chopp the strawberries roughly. If they are sour, you can just coat it with some sugar and leave it for some time.

Next, whip some heavy cream with sugar and set it aside.

Place few spoons of the chopped strawberries in the bottom of a bowl / glass, add some Ice cream on it (slightly softened) and finally top it with some whipped cream.

Add few more strawberries over it and it’s done.

DSC_6474.jpg done 2.

Amazingly yummy and simple at the same time.

Hope you all enjoy making it and watching others drool over it!