My Love for Rapunzel !

March 29, 2015

We all grew up watching Disney. We all have that one favorite Disney character that we will remember all our life. Few years back I saw Disney’s Tangled and fell in love with Princess Rapunzel all over again.

DSC_6435        copy


I love the way Disney portrays the feminism as well as the strong side of a women. I had done this sketch long back but got the opportunity to share it with all of you now.

DSC_6441 copy

It’s one of my all time favorite charcoal sketch.

DSC_6446 copy

And if you ask me what I learned from this movie, I would say.. To follow my heart and never stop dreaming ! I am sure many of you all must have seen this, few like me must have seen it more than once, and those who have not, please go and find this movie.. It’s a must watch.

DSC_6450 copy

Love you guys! Stay strong and keep dreaming !