About Me

About Me

March 29, 2015

Hey there.. Thank you for stopping by…

AnRosette is more than a blog to me…It feels like a diary or a journal of my life which is open to everyone… and by a person like me who has been so reserved and introvert..it can be of a little shock to many…We meet so many people in our life…we know some since birth and some of them are just like little blessings we meet in our daily busy life..We know some by heart and some of them are strangers, anonymous to us and yet teach us so many things… My inspirations are many such people..some of them so close to me and some I don’t even know..some who can read my posts and some who can’t.. Thank you each and everyone..

We all have that one point in life when we just want to give up..when we feel so low that we tell ourself “ it cant get worse” ..some of us are lost and some of us have lost.. Well, I fall in the second category.. I have lost.. I have lost something irreplaceable.. but before losing that special gem I was lucky enough to have gained the knowledge of love, the knowledge of life through him.. Thank you papa..

“I hope you’re up there with god saying that’s my kid- the script”

Ohkay…so now about the blog..well…It was so difficult to pen down the categories as I realised there is so much that I can share with the world..

1 Fringe to Heels : its all about clothes, shoes, bags, ootd, reviews of worth buying products, quick fixes, tips , from street style to elegance and everything about fashion and beauty. I have tried to keep everything as simple as ABC. The point here is to look and feel fab without burning a hole in your pocket.

2 Creative You: Here you will find easy d.i.y’s to bring out that creative person in you.. they are very easy and simple again..I will be sharing crafts as well as self designed clothes and accessories in this category

3 Kitchen Art: For all the foodies..food lovers who love to cook and love to eat..easy tips on cooking..sharing my recent bakes and treats, updating about places you can visit.. all included in this category

4 Hale and Hearty: Here you will find all the posts related to health and fitness.. what to eat what not to eat, yoga exercise and a lot more to keep to heathy from inside and outside

5 Unspoken words: This column is more like updating pages from my personal journal..small poems and articles which you will love to read..so all the readers out there..this one is specially for you all..

Hope you all enjoy the journey with me… Thank you.. Stay strong stay beautiful !